A mini trip back to the great place that is DC: 9/11 Event and First NFL Game

I flew home to the UK on July 30th, to spend some time with my family and to get back for my Grandad’s 80th Birthday. IMG_5208 IMG_5274 IMG_5379 We had an amazing weekend together as well as being introduced to Sherman – Niamh’s new puppy. He is a cutie! IMG_5073  IMG_5108
fter spending a few weeks at home watching mountains of episodes of The West Wing, I found out that an event I had created  for the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund had been approved. I decided that this was something worth seeing and helping out with. It was a Candlelight Ceremony held on 9/11 at the Vietnam Wall. I came back to DC on 5th September to spend some time visiting friends as well as helping out at the VVMF. And my gosh was it worth it:
DSC_6688 DSC_6702 DSC_6715 DSC_6717DSC_6742DSC_6749 DSC_6771 IMG_5924IMG_5940 JC2_8802-XL The event started at 7pm and we had a lot of people there to visit the wall and place a candle. We managed to leave the candles at the wall until 1am and then unfortunately had to pack away the beauty. I was so happy that I was able to be there though.

My first NFL Game: Washington Redskins vs Jacksonville Jaguars!

In my year in Washington DC I managed to see a Baseball game, Ice Hockey, Basketball and multiple rugby games. But I never managed to watch an American Football game live. I watched a lot in my apartment (much to the annoyance of my roommate) on a Monday evening doing my homework but never made it down to the FedEx Field in Maryland during the season.
Luckily this all changed with my trip back to DC. On Sunday 14th September I headed into Maryland with a fellow Brit Nick, Albert and Sean to see our home team play Jacksonville. My first words were “oh wow!” when I reached my seat at the top. The field was huge! IMG_6042 I was in awe of the place, and it wasn’t long before the Redskins scored a touchdown! IMG_6057 IMG_6053 After picking up my Redskins paraphernalia IMG_6108 I was able to enjoy a great win by the Redskins: 41 – 10! A complete blow out. I had an awesome day, even though I forgot the game was outside and wasn’t wearing sun cream (I had a bit of a pink nose by the end of the day!) IMG_6096 IMG_6097
Although this was a mini trip back to DC, it was great to have some sunshine for a few days and see everyone again (although it had only been a month!) Although the jet lag has been a killer the past few days, it was 100% worth it.

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