A fond farewell to the British girl in the USA

States Visited 16 states, too many flights, multiple road trips, 128 blog posts and 396 days later my time in the USA and Washington DC has ended. I always knew this year would be amazing, and I had planned for it for so long that I worried it wouldn’t live up to everything I thought it would be. How wrong I was..
This year has been life changing, I have made friends I will keep forever and seen some of the most beautiful sights. I have captured amazing photographs and tried some great food (and way too many burgers). I couldn’t have asked for a better time.
Did I miss my family? Of course.
Would I change any of it? No
Would I do it again? 110% yes.
Would I go back in a heartbeat? You betcha!

IMG_4811 IMG_3121 64020004 Albert once told me that he deserved an entire blog post devoted to him, and I’m not going to massage his ego, but I will say a thank you to him.
I have made some incredible friends this year, friends I will keep for life, and in the past 8 months I’ve had Albert along for the international exchange student ride (although he’s American). Although we’ve driven each other crazy at times from him stealing my food, or me falling asleep on our many road trips (sleeping is so easy in moving cars for me!) We have seen a lot of places together, done some crazy things (as seen in the multiple photos) and he has been an awesome friend. So thank you Albert for showing me California, putting up with my bubble tea addiction and driving me to the most beautiful places. You are an amazing friend.

Thank you to all my friends I have made this year who have been my friends and family while I was abroad. I love you all so much and can’t wait to see you again soon. And thank you to everyone at home who read my blog, kept up with all my stories and excused my multitudes of photos! You are great!
Dray in the USA has left the building… IMG_2212 IMG_0526

“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.”

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One Response to A fond farewell to the British girl in the USA

  1. Mark Dray says:

    We have thoroughly enjoyed your blog Hannah and at times, we have felt like we were there with you; which we actually were for part of it! A fantastic chapter of your life; thanks for sharing it. Love, Mum, Dad and Rebecca xxx

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