My last week as an exchange student in DC

I arrived to Washington DC on 19th August, and fell in love with the place instantly. I was here for two weeks shy of a year, and had the most incredible time. Before I knew it my internship with the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund was over and I was on my final weekend in America (or so I thought, but that comes later!)
We had amazing weather so decided to head down to Maryland Bay to spend a day at the beach – this was perfect: no salty water and lots of sunshine! IMG_4730 Albert, David, Hope and I travelled the 40 minutes to Maryland (after I had stood for 30 minutes letting the P20 dry!) laden with a lot of snacks, towels, books and pillows. IMG_4732 IMG_4769 Even though I live beside a beach in Brighton, it was nice to be able to walk into the water without freezing! IMG_4788 IMG_4777 Now although I had put my P20 on, I still managed to burn my bum cheeks. However I was lucky as unfortunately Hope burnt all over, as did David! Albert is annoying and never burns! So we were all pretty exhausted by the time we came home.
However after a cold shower and a nap I was blown away by a surprise party from Hannah and Albert at the house. Everyone had come to say goodbye and give me a fond farewell which was awesome. IMG_4808 IMG_4539 IMG_4522

The next day I went with Albert to the Newseum, one of the last museums I hadn’t visited in DC. This may have partly been because I had to pay for this one! Stingy student I am!
However it turned out to be one of the best museums I had visited. I touched one of the largest pieces of the Berlin Wall IMG_4854 as well as seeing many Pulitzer prize photographs that were incredible IMG_4865 There was an exhibition on 9/11 which was very difficult to watch, but also very interesting as it highlighted the journalists at the time who had to report this devastating story. I also found that the US are as obsessed with the royal family as I am: IMG_4916 IMG_4917

I also got my obligatory photo with the Washington Times of the day, and of course the Capitol: IMG_4888 IMG_4906 That night we also took a trip to Panda Cafe – the chinese I was addicted to for most of the year, and who gave me the best Passionfruit bubble tea. I have to admit, it was an addiction. Some people have shoe addictions, some clothes – mine is bubble tea! IMG_4843

My last night in America was spent at the most American place I could think of – a baseball game. The Washington Nats were playing away from home, so we headed up to Baltimore to watch the Orieles play: IMG_4951 IMG_4952The stadium was amazing, and much bigger than the Nats, and we won!! We had the hotdogs, beer and everything else American – it was the perfect last night. IMG_4967 IMG_4978 IMG_4984

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