Seeing the places on my Bucket List – Rodeo and Hollywood!

I have always been a fan of Pretty Woman, of Julia Roberts with her crazy red hair and her trip down Rodeo Drive! So of course this had to be ticked off the list on our visit around California. 
Rodeo Drive is the home of the rich and famous – not only is there Tiffany’s and Burberry, but also Cartier and Vera Wang! One day I will have the money to buy a Vera Wang dress – but not then! I was a window shopper that day! IMG_3019 IMG_2978We headed up to the Hollywood sign – although I really wanted to climb on it! (This apparently isn’t allowed anymore) IMG_3038 After this, we headed to downtown LA. This is the home of the Hollywood Walk of Fame, and the handprints of many famous stars. IMG_3065First of all I had to put my handprints next to miss Marilyns, and then we headed off to find our favourite stars. IMG_3084 Sandra Bullock has the same sized hands as me!! And I was very excited to find the signatures of the Star Trek cast, although Albert was not as excited about this. IMG_3079 Albert really wanted his picture taken with Jack Nicholson’s hands IMG_3100Together we had our photographs taken in the Harry Potter casts hands, although I have done this before when we went to the Harry Potter Studios IMG_3113We also found some pretty cool souvenirs, and I also got to have my photograph taken with some Batman characters!! IMG_3121 IMG_3134 We had a great time in downtown Hollywood, and then went to meet two of Albert’s friends, Annie and Alex. For the first time in a year I got to go to Olive Garden (which gives you unlimited salad but wasn’t too exciting!) 
I was then taken to a piece of art in LA called the Urban Lights. Located at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, it is a series of 202 restored street lamps from the 1920s and 1930s. IMG_3153 IMG_3148We had a great time down here getting some amazing photographs and messing around like acrobats! IMG_3162 IMG_3181 IMG_3185 IMG_3186 IMG_3187

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