Mini Road Trip to The Grand Canyon and Las Vegas!

Although the main part of our trip had been to see California, Albert and I decided to tick off a few more states on my list: Nevada and Arizona, or more specifically to see Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon!
This time in a different car to usual we set off four hours North East to see the incredible strip that is Vegas! Choosing to stay in a castle IMG_3270 (Albert let me pick!) the heat hit me as soon as I opened the car door. It was 4pm and the weather was over 45c! It was incredible! We headed straight to the pool, only to find out we would only get 30 minutes there as it shuts at 7pm (mainly to get the people into the casinos!) IMG_3288 We headed in to get changed and rushed down to see the water show outside the Bellagio hotel! Even though it was now late into the evening, the heat had not settled and I was really struggling in it! However it was totally worth it as the show was amazing! IMG_3316 IMG_3339We walked the strip to see the place lit up, with a mini eiffel tower as well as a planet hollywood, and all the famous hotels. IMG_3303 IMG_3440I even managed to find a bit of time to gamble, and ended up exactly where I started – at 0. Though at one point I was $20 up! Even though we were only there for a night, Vegas was an awesome place, but I think I am going to go back there when the weather isn’t so damn hot!

The next morning we got in the car (with my usual Starbucks) and headed into Arizona. Albert always complained on our car journeys about never being able to see around him, as most of the East Coast roads are surrounded by trees, but Arizona was completely different! It really was driving through the desert! I also wasn’t aware that we were driving down ROUTE 66! How awesome?! IMG_3512 Our first stop was to a small town called Sedona. With a population of 10,000 and the home of more than 60 Hollywood productions, Sedona is known for its redstone formations. We took a trip on a trolley with free cookies IMG_3564and were shown some of the best formations. We were told that Sedona hadn’t had any rain for months but were hoping that today was the day they were getting it (not great for us tourists trying to get some pretty snaps!) But some of the places were pretty spectacular! IMG_3599 IMG_3636 IMG_3606
After finding out that unfortunately America had been knocked out of the world cup :(, we got back in the car to head up to the Grand Canyon. Lots of windy roads, and pick thunder clouds were a little unnerving, but we coped and arrived there in late afternoon.
As soon as we arrived, we saw how amazing this place was. Although the weather was a little grim, this did not deter us from heading up the hike to a perfect spot. IMG_3671 IMG_3658 IMG_3699 When we got back in the car, we found that we were stuck in traffic trying to get out of the national park; the reason turned out to be deer! Lots of Bambis, less than 5 feet away from the car!! IMG_3734 IMG_3716The Grand Canyon was great, and although it was a long trip, I am so happy we got to see it! IMG_3750

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