Welcome Mum, Dad and Becca to the Big Apple!

Welcome Mum, Dad and Becca to the Big Apple!

Wednesday 4th June was an exciting day for me: 1) Because I got to take my first greyhound bus and 2) Because I was meeting up with my family in New York! Although Mum, Dad and Becca had been in New York for a few days already and had seen a lot of the sights, there were still many more to see! As soon as I had got off the bus and met up with my dad, we were on our way to the first attraction: Madame Tussauds. Although we have one in London, each Madame Tussauds is different with lots of different celebrities including Will and Kate! IMG_0044 IMG_0045 Mum got to meet Mr Don Draper and he was very tall! IMG_0035 IMG_0038 Dad got a photograph with his other wife Jennifer Anniston IMG_0029 and Becca and I received advice from the one and only Oprah. IMG_0041 We also got to make our presidential speeches though it took Becca a while to decide on our pose! IMG_0050 IMG_0051 IMG_0052
We met all the Marvel characters (but there was no Captain America 😦 ) and saw a 4D film which was really cool though I felt a little sea sick after it!. IMG_0115 The funniest part was seeing a group of girls go crazy for the Spice Girls! IMG_0094 Walking through Times Square after seeing all our favourite celebrities, I knew exactly where to take M&D for dinner: The Stardust Diner. Located on the edge of Broadway, many actors start out here singing during your meal and auditioning for Broadway shows during the day. IMG_0122 We listened to songs from Frozen and Chicago, and thought we were listening to a woman singing until we turned around and found out it was a guy!! It was a great first evening in New York. IMG_0055

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