“All that Jazz”: Getting lost on Liberty Island and Hitting Broadway.

“All that Jazz”: Getting lost on Liberty Island and Hitting Broadway.

Friday was our last day in New York, and although we had seen a lot, there was still more to see. I had never visited Liberty Island so we had saved this for Friday. It was the anniversary of the D Day landings but what we were unaware of was that there was a service occurring under the Statue of Liberty in celebration. IMG_0455 IMG_0464 People were gathered at the foot of the statue and school children had been chosen to pull out the flag of the US and France. IMG_0523 Above the top of the statue were 3 helicopters hovering, who then proceeded to drop thousands of red rose petals down onto the statue, the water and the pathway. IMG_0499 IMG_0520 IMG_0538 It was such a beautiful sight but in the midst of me taking photographs I managed to lose Mum, Dad and Becca. IMG_0561 It took about an hour till I found them again, and by that time had burnt my shoulders! When I had located them, we grabbed some Ice Cream and headed off the island to Macys! IMG_0571 Located in the famous shopping area, the place was huge. It was like hundreds of mini shops in one area. IMG_0581 Becca and I actually lost mum and dad (it was not my day for keeping track of people) for 20 minutes when they took a wrong turn in the watches! Becca and I got our make up done at Benefit and Mac which was cool, and then it was time to head home to get ready to hit Broadway. IMG_0586 For Mums birthday, Dad had got us all tickets to see Chicago!!
We dressed up in our fanciest gear and headed out for dinner. IMG_0591 IMG_0595 Although we had no idea where we were going, we found the perfect restaurant two doors down from the Theatre. With its old styled walls, and cute china, it was great! And we even managed to get Becca a drink too! IMG_0604 Everyone loved their food, especially Becca who proclaimed it the best meal of the trip! IMG_0612 Chicago was amazing and was the perfect end to celebrating Mums Birthday! IMG_0628 IMG_0630 HAPPY BIRTHDAY MUM! IMG_0611

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