Niagara on the Lake and Finding a Pub

Niagara on the Lake and Finding a Pub

We knew most of Sunday was going to be taken up with driving, as we had to do the 7 hour journey home again and would likely be fighting against traffic. But we didn’t want the day to be totally wasted, so headed further into Ontario to visit Niagara on The Lake. Neither of us knew fully what was here, but had been told to visit it if we had the time.
Driving up with the Niagara River beside us, we were blown away by the beautiful houses we were seeing. This was money central, and I wanted every single house I saw. IMG_5501 IMG_5506 Albert said he would never live in Canada though because it’s not America, and there are too many English things about it!
As we got to Niagara on the Lake, we found that it was a little town, nothing at all like the Clifton Hill area we had stayed in. It was suburban and pretty. IMG_5488 We found a pub to have lunch, which was as close to any English pub that I was ever going to find. IMG_5494 IMG_5499 After we had finished we headed back towards the US/Canadian border. We stopped off a few times at viewing spots to see various parts of the lakes, including the Niagara whirl pool, where two of the rivers meet and switch the direction of water – it was so cool to see something like this! And it was completely natural too! IMG_5520 IMG_5521 IMG_5539

I am now writing this blog post from the car, we have driven 5 hours and I’ve only fallen asleep once which I think is a miracle. We have twice stopped for cool things on the side of the road we have seen: a Beaver Damn and a fallen house. IMG_5587 IMG_5596 I have also introduced Albert to Wine Gums as I found some at the duty free store we stopped at before crossing the border. We’re hoping to make it home for Game of Thrones at 9pm and then I think I’ll be going straight to bed. It has been too short a weekend as usual but was so much fun! And I saw some incredible sights 

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