Seeing the Falls and getting drenched:

 Seeing the Falls and getting drenched:

A disclaimer at the start of this blog post: no photograph I post will show the true beauty of Niagara Falls. IMG_5194 IMG_5198

Crossing over the bridge with Albert shouting “USA USA” due to him getting his signal back on his phone and having access once again to Snapchat, the US side of Niagara Falls was completely different. Situated on a National Park, we were surrounded by nature and beautiful sights. After grabbing some lunch and doing some souvenir shopping – as I have been collecting shot glasses from every place I visited – we headed towards the Maid of the Mist. IMG_5237 IMG_5228 This is the boat tour that takes you right to the falls, and into the mist cloud that covers the falls. Having been handed our cool blue ponchos, IMG_5239 we walked up to the top of the boat. As we moved closer and sat at the bottom of the falls, we were covered in a bubble of mist, with sunlight not even coming in. We were also getting pretty wet! IMG_5257 IMG_5261 IMG_5278 But it was an incredible sight, and I tried to take as many photographs as I could without damaging the camera! Surprisingly the ponchos really did their job, and I was completely dry by the time we got off the boat. IMG_5293
We headed up the hill to the observatory deck to see the whole falls – and decided that it is definitely better to see them on the US side than the Canadian side, as it is a better view. I also tried to face time my dad at this point, but technology was failing us.
IMG_5299 IMG_5302We hopped onto the Niagara Falls trolley tour bus which took as around the area, including Goat Island which houses the Cave of the Winds. This was our next stop. As soon as we got there, I knew we were going to get soaked, as they handed us these very fashionable flip flops to change into (I actually brought my pair home as they were so comfortable!) IMG_5325 This time we were given yellow ponchos, and headed up to the walkway into the heart of the falls. IMG_5326 I had never been exposed to such cold water hitting my feet and my face. But it was also so refreshing and amazing to be standing right beside the waterfall. IMG_5342 IMG_5344 IMG_5350 IMG_5363 I also saw a whole flock of Seagulls with their nests and babies – it was more than Brighton! IMG_5331 And I never thought that could be possible! I was definitely a lot wetter this time round as my poncho didn’t quite cover all my jeans! We headed back over to Ontario (after dealing with the grumpiest boarder control woman ever!) to get ready to go out for the evening.
Albert and I were both craving Calamari and found a cool restaurant called Kelsey’s which was located right on the strip – perfect for people watching! IMG_5392
We had to tick off the rest of our attractions so headed to Wizard Golf. IMG_5393 This was all underground and neon lit. It was all black lights and glow in the dark and was awesome. I had tried to warn Albert that I was good at mini golf but he didn’t believe me. Unfortunately though I had one bad hole which took me 7 swipes! Albert ended up beating me by 1 point and was very smug about this!
Our next stop was to the Wax Museum of Hollywood Stars – a cheaper version of Madame Tussauds. We saw Nicole Kidman, Harry Potter, The Terminator and The Joker among many. I also met the Obamas and took the trip to Middle Earth with Gandalf and Frodo. IMG_5400 IMG_5417 We also walked through a haunted area – and Albert got electrocuted. IMG_5466 IMG_5472
Our last stop of the night was a 3d ride on a Safari. Seated in an aeroplane seat with my 3d glasses, I was transported to a jeep, including elephants, lions and a helicopter ride. It was awesome!! IMG_5475
Overall it was a jammed packed day, but I loved everything that we saw!

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