Ontario – the Canadian version of Blackpool:


Albert and I have been doing a few road trips in the last few months, but the one I was most looking forward to, was the trip to Niagara Falls. 7 hours from DC, It was going to be a long drive (or a long drive for Albert as I am not trusted to drive!) We both had Friday off so were able to drive up during the day. This was a completely different route to our usual ones, as we drove through Pennsylvania and up-state New York: a lot of open roads and back suburbs. IMG_5028 Apart from having to stop a few times because Albert has the bladder the size of a small child, we made it to Ontario in Canada by 9pm. We had decided to stay on the Canadian side so we could see a different area, and tick a country off our lists. Our hotel was a typical American style motel with veranda’s and ice machines. We were told as we arrived to hurry down to the falls to see the Fireworks at 10pm. We had had no idea about this, but got down in time to see one of the best Fireworks Displays I had ever seen. IMG_5048 IMG_5075 IMG_5081 IMG_5086 The Falls were also lit up in different colours and it looked stunning. IMG_5040 After this we walked back up into the town to find Clifton Hill. Now this place was like nothing I had seen in America. IMG_5134 It reminded me of Blackpool with bright lights everywhere and various tourists’ attractions like the Museum of World Records and Frankenstein’s Ghost Town ride! It was pretty insane. IMG_5139 We found a deal with 5 of the attractions, so proceeded to tick some off the list. After having my first Wendy’s complete with Poutine IMG_5143 (Albert was fascinated by chips and gravy haha!) we headed to the Zombie ride. Wearing our 3d glasses, we had to shoot down as many zombies as we could. IMG_5147 Half the time I was taking photographs, and yet I nearly beat Albert! When he noticed I was winning, he started trying really hard. IMG_5148 IMG_5154 After this we headed up to the Ferris wheel; unbeknownst to me Albert is scared of heights! IMG_5163 And yet this was his choice of attraction! I felt like I was at a proper fairground, something I haven’t been to in ages. IMG_5172 IMG_5174 After trying some fudge (this was again a first for Albert) IMG_5158 – though it took some difficulty describing what fudge was, we headed back to the hotel, ready to start our trip over to the US side of Niagara.

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