Mothers Day in the USA

Mothers Day in the USA

Although Mothers Day occurred for the UK 6 weeks ago, it was only today that America celebrated it. And today also marked my first event for the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund. 13 names were being added to the wall as well as some changes from “missing in action” to “dead”. My job this Summer is working as an Event Planner Intern so this was my first chance at seeing an event put on by the VVMF. IMG-20140511-00459 (1) Work started this beautiful Sunday morning at 7am (which meant getting up at 6!) to supervise the men unloading the chairs and setting up the sound. IMG-20140511-00456 It was a long morning particularly in the Sunshine (suncream has become a daily ritual) but at 10am, the service was ready to begin. 100 family members, friends and Vietnam veterans came to the event, and it was a beautiful service. 10174964_10152400953228270_8746928102291906945_n After this, the family were invited down to the wall where a Marine was standing in each spot where a name had been added (with over 58,000 names, it can be difficult to locate your one). IMG-20140511-00461
Once the service was over, I came home and met Albert and Adam in Georgetown to get some lunch and enjoy the Sunshine. Georgetown is such a beautiful place, and was the perfect place to be to enjoy my first day of the Summer. IMG_4013 IMG_4031 IMG_4037 IMG_4061 IMG_4069 IMG_4078 IMG_4097

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One Response to Mothers Day in the USA

  1. Mark Dray says:

    Lovely photographs; you should do it professionally!

    Dad xx

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