Sunrise at Arlington Cemetery

Sunrise at Arlington Cemetery

Arlington Cemetery is a beautiful place, and one place you need to have on the top of your list when visiting DC. Arlington stands in line with the US Capitol and Lincoln memorial so you can see the sunrise from there. Unfortunately Arlington doesn’t open until 8am every day, so the chance of seeing the sunrise is usually impossible. However this weekend for the first time Arlington was open at 5am to see the sunrise and I was one of 30 people there to see it. Now the wake up call at 4am was terrible – especially considering I had only gone to bed three hours before. However it turned out to be totally worth it.
Here are some of the pictures from the event: IMG_3568 IMG_3571 IMG_3584 IMG_3591 IMG_3605 IMG_3619 IMG_3649IMG_3663IMG_3667IMG_3671IMG_3688IMG_3699IMG_3707IMG_3717IMG_3724IMG_3748 IMG_3754 IMG_3758 IMG_3765 IMG_3766

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One Response to Sunrise at Arlington Cemetery

  1. Colette (Mum) says:

    These are spectacular Hannah – well done, particulary on the early start. Love Mum xx

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