The Impulsive trip to the South

The Impulsive trip to the South

This year marks the 2nd year that I have not been at home with my family for Easter. And I did not like it! Who else could I share my chocolate with (AKA have it stolen by dad) or switch eggs with? Easter is also not celebrated in the same way that we do it at home – ie no time off! Which sucked! Incredibly impulsively, Albert and I decided to hit the road for a few days and get out of DC, especially because finals are coming up which means hours living in the library. We looked at a map, chose a place and left. Perhaps we should have checked the weather – it rained constantly, or looked at the traffic – took us an hour alone to make it out of DC, but we didn’t care! IMG_3111 IMG_3061 IMG_3066 IMG_3053 Sometimes you just have to do silly things like this, just to remind yourself that you should enjoy every day! Plus DC don’t have drive through Starbucks, and that’s just incredibly exciting!
We arrived in Charlotte, North Carolina pretty late on Friday night – but I ran straight to my room to check out the bed – hotel beds are amazing! IMG_3005 And as we booked last minute, I managed to get a king sized bed incredibly cheap! So obviously I spent most of the night rolling backwards and forwards – there was no falling off this thing! I might add that last week I did in fact roll off my single bed in my room – wasn’t fun!
The next morning we headed out to get some food and check out the town. With the time difference, i was lucky enough to be sitting in a sports bar, eating an amazing burger while Chelsea were playing Sunderland – or should I say Sunderland were wooping Chelsea’s bum! 2-1 baby!!! IMG_3030
We checked out the NASCAR Hall of Fame – though Albert found the zebra crossings outside the museum to be the most exciting thing: IMG_3077 IMG_3086 and also had some amazing macaroons from Bar Cocoa. IMG_3091
We had also made a promise to have a real easter dinner celebration while we were down South – where better to go than a proper steak house! It was the best thing I had ever tasted! IMG_3120 And in keeping with Alberts not so hilarious joke to tell people it is my birthday (you may remember my dancing on a chair in Hooters a few weeks ago) this time I was presented with hand made truffles. I wasn’t so disgruntled at the joke this time! They were delicious. IMG_3124
Although I was thoroughly soaked from the torrential rain by the end of the trip, I managed to see two new states, have an incredible steak, watch Sunderland play in a bar, and have another great road trip!
Coming back to DC on Sunday, I was greeted by Sunshine. WOOHOO! Considering how long the snow and cold lasted, I was 100% ready to get out the maxi dresses. I went for Easter Brunch with Michelle and Gabriella to a place that serves $1 bottles of champagne with brunch – don’t worry guys, I took full advantage of this!
And then it was time for another tick on the bucket list: taking part in Holi Festival. 64020013 Holi is a Hindu spring festival also known as the festival of colours and the festival of love. It has moved to most Western countries now as a time to throw paint and have a great time with friends. IMG_0200 And man was I covered by the end of it. Here are the before and after shots: IMG_0180 IMG_0199 (1)
Christina actually turned up late, but managed to catch up pretty quickly! 64020027 We headed for ice cream after – I got most of the paint off, but it stuck to my eyebrows and hair. I looked like the incredible Hulk: IMG-20140420-WA006
The end of the weekend was filled with Chinese and Game of Thones – a pretty different Easter weekend to normal, but still pretty fun. IMG_0316 IMG_0333
Thank you very much family for all my chocolate – I did not need any more help getting fat – I’m already in America! IMG_2987 IMG_2988 But it was lovely, and I have really missed English chocolate. Love you all.

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2 Responses to The Impulsive trip to the South

  1. Colette (Mum) says:

    Happy Easter Sweetheart – glad you had fun. Love you loads, Mum Dad and Becca xxx

  2. bfam says:

    Hope you started the choc Saturday evening Beccas instruction as per tradition !!!!
    Enjoy it Love from us all XX

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