OMGosh! She’s turning 20!!!

OMGosh! She's turning 20!!!

One of the weirdest bits about being abroad, is missing out on certain moments at home. Easter will be weird without everyone – who am I going to switch Easter eggs with now?! But birthday’s are the worst part. Niamh has already reminded me that she turns 8 in September and I need to be home by then, but today I am missing my baby sister, no longer being a teenager and turning 20. So this blog post is dedicated to her. 378394_10150425616859514_883982663_n
To the girl whose tooth I accidentally knocked out when we were little – look how gorgeous your smile is now! 581609_10150684842774514_38842105_n
And to the person who always beats me on Just Dance (because she cheats!) 163998_151416848243885_6923174_n some of your dance moves are awesome! 1959355_10152001978304895_445775050_n
To the sister who I accidentally forgot to remind her to put suncream on when you were 10 – luckily you tan well! 40250_417882114435_6333643_n
Whose best friend is her bed and her onesies IMG_0622, and believes you need to drink upside down to get rid of the hiccups, she is incredible! IMG_7704 (2) And I am damn lucky she is my sister!
She is my other half 9265_461052717280295_379841552_n 1098141_10153171501180257_1151613381_n IMG_7368 (2) and she is my superhero and always has my back and I love her! 426469_530519897000243_181028955_n IMG_7383 (2)
So Happy Birthday Bex! I hope you have an awesome day and are spoilt rotten! And I can’t wait to see you in June (don’t worry we’ll sort you a fake ID 😉 ). 20b87588527d77b51fd2ec7b4850ed88 21f30f3ca72a80663deccd21bdecb65c 55e3bcb5f1df6b981b1d8da7d845fda8 697fc967e2c2163f341662538a7d546a


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4 Responses to OMGosh! She’s turning 20!!!

  1. Colette (Mum) says:

    Hi Hannah,

    Great blog – well done. We had a lovely day yesterday, but you were missed. See you soon. Love and hugs, Mum xx

  2. Mark Dray says:

    We had a real tear in our eye when reading the blog for two reasons:

    Firstly, the lovely sentiment,

    Secondly, we really feel old now as we no longer have a teenage daughter

    Great Blog!


    Mum & Dad xx

  3. bfam says:

    Loved the blog lovely to read on Beccas birthday you’ll be home for the next one XXX

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