Cruise Food is amazeballs!

Cruise Food is amazeballs!

So as I have been mocked by my dad and David often about my love of taking photos of my food and posting on this blog, I thought I should do a whole blog post devoted to my amazing food on my cruise! This top photo is of our waiter Remy. He’s from Haiti and was awesome! This is him dancing, because every night in the middle of our three course meal, the waiters would do a dance routine!
I tried lots of incredible food this week including a section every night called “Didja” as in did ya ever try this before? I picked from this as often as I could as I felt I could try lots of cool things here!
Night 1: Alligator Fritters and Lobster! IMG_1051 IMG_1052
Night 2: French Onion Soup and Date, Fig and Cinammon Cake with rum raisen Icecream. IMG_1109 IMG_1115
Night 3: Duck with Caramalised Orange and Lamb shanks (I bet you’re jealous mum!) IMG_1189 IMG_1190
Night 4: Mushroom soup and Fillet mignon (I was having difficulty pronouncing this) IMG_1207 IMG_1208
Bahamas: Conch fritters (shellfish) – incredible! IMG_1347 IMG_1348 IMG_1349
Night 5: Escargot – that would be snails! (freaked me out a little bit) IMG_1374
Night 6: Frogs legs and souffle! IMG_1437 IMG_1438 IMG_1439 IMG_1440
Overall I loved most of the things I tried, though the escargot wasn’t my favourite. I did however really like the lobster.
I am pretty sure I have come back a few kgs heavier! And Vanessa really took advantage of the buffet breakfast – two plates every day! IMG_1013

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