Happy Chinese New Year and Superbowl!

Happy Chinese New Year and Superbowl!

This week has been one of trying new food, and experiencing new events, and what a week it has been! For the last few months my friend Vanessa has been telling me how amazing Korean BBQ was, so on Thursday evening I finally bit the bullet and we travelled into Virginia for one of the biggest meals I had ever had. The table was completely covered in fantastic plates of delicious food; Picture 1 I ate so much that I needed a nap by the end of it! Picture 2Vanessa decided that after this meal she was going to prove how great her cooking was, so on Friday night we hosted 12 people for a dinner party. This turned out to be quite a squeeze and a real run around trying to find enough chairs, but it turned out to be a great success with every plate licked clean. Picture 3 The dishwasher definitely came in handy that night! On Saturday it was Chinese New Year – the year of the horse (or the Bronco’s my friend Paul told me, but this will come later). There was a big parade in Chinatown featuring dragons and great dancing Picture 5, and then it was time to celebrate with a pot luck party Picture 4. I am not the best cook so Vanessa and I made some pasta together and took over a chocolate cake – there was so much food and of course some fortune cookies too! Picture 6 Vanessa and I also got to try our friend Ian’s world famous chocolate chip cookies – and they were the best I’d ever had. Picture 7 We had a great time and a lot of fun meeting new people. I was treated on Sunday to crepes, thanks to French Pancake Day courtesy of Christina; Picture 8 she even let me make a few (with supervision of course) and they went down a treat! Picture 9 Sunday however was the big event of the weekend – The Superbowl! Now in the UK it is a little difficult to watch the Superbowl as it doesn’t start till 11pm, so to see it through, you’re up half the night. Luckily being in the US I was able to sit down with everyone at 6:30 ready to watch the greatest game of the year! I went over to my friends in Chinatown where the guys had turned on the grill and made some fantastic homemade guacamole. Picture 10 There were over 20 people crowded into the living room to watch the Seattle Seahawks take on the Denver Broncos. Picture 11 I was supporting the Broncos, which as you have probably seen from the scores, wasn’t the best choice. Unfortunately for my friend Paul, this is his home team, so it was a pretty sad night when Seattle won 43 to 8. Picture 12 Picture 13 The half time show though was incredible, with Bruno Mars dominating the stage Picture 14 and the commercials were brilliant too. Check out the Budweiser Advert – best one of the night: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uQB7QRyF4p4
So as you can see, most of my weekend has been spent eating a lot of food, but also getting to spend some time with amazing friends!

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  1. grandma says:

    enjoyed reading latest blog, lovely to see you looking so happy. love Grandmaxxx

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