The end of our New York Adventure



IMG_7318The end of our New York Adventure

We had been in New York for three days already, and reading my blog posts, you will have seen that we had done a lot! So it came as no surprise that on Friday morning we slept in a little! But by 10am we were on our way to Ground Zero to see the 9/11 memorial. IMG_7128 IMG_7131 We were all a little apprehensive about this, as 9/11 is a big memory for many people, particularly the Americans. When we arrived, it was hard to comprehend that two buildings had once stood in the site, but to imagine the horrors that occurred that day. IMG_7136 IMG_7143 There were soldiers and family members there visiting names and laying roses which was incredibly touching, but I think for us as exchange students and not Americans, it was hard to understand. I did however find the memorial beautiful and a perfect reminder of the event. After finishing here we headed up to Grand Central Station IMG_7154 IMG_7155 (unfortunately there was no flash dance like the films) but it was pretty cool to see – although probably the worst time to visit with it being the weekend before Christmas! IMG_7162
We had done a lot of tourist attractions this week but hadn’t done many museums and galleries so picked the Guggenheim as the first. Thanks to some brilliant advice from Peter we didn’t follow the crowd and instead started at the top, meaning we weren’t having to follow anyone around (plus I liked the confused looks people were giving us for going against the crowds – we’re such rebels!) IMG_7169 The architecture of the building alone was amazing, and probably the coolest thing for Vanessa, as she decided that half the pieces in the gallery she could do herself!
I particularly liked the use of lettering in some of the paintings seen here: IMG_7202
After an hour in there, Adam decided he had had enough art so we decided to head to the natural history museum (NIGHT OF THE MUSEUM PLACE) and walking through Central Park to get there. We saw the huge reservoir which was stunning at 4pm as was the Park. IMG_7211 IMG_7217 The museum was amazing and I saw GumGum IMG_7252 (another night at the museum reference) as well as a cool 3d exhibition on space. IMG_7254 IMG_7266 IMG_7267 Still feeling pretty cultured at 5 o clock we then headed down Madison Avenue IMG_7166 (mad men central!!!) to MOMA – Museum of Modern Art. Now this place was bizarre I found, however there were some works by Monet which I loved. IMG_7283 IMG_7295 IMG_7304 IMG_7305 We had one more stop on 5th avenue to find Danny a book to fly home with which gave me the opportunity to window shop – I would like a Saks dress for Christmas please for anyone still looking for something!
We ended the day with an Indian and wine and then headed back to the apartment. It has been an incredible trip and I wouldn’t change a minute of it!

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