Last Night in DC in 2013 with Sophie

Last Night in DC in 2013 with Sophie

So our time is coming to an end – and by time I mean Sophie time. On 22nd December she will be flying home and not coming back 😦 We knew we needed to do something fun so we spent the day seeing DC. We went down to Chinatown to see the Christmas market, IMG_6359 IMG_6363and I got some cute earrings, but we knew this wasn’t enough so Olivia, Sophie and I headed down to the sculpture garden to ice skate – with proper tie up boots (this excited me a lot!) IMG_6371 Now various family members who have no faith in my skating – I am actually much better than I was years ago. And for the most part we all stayed up…until one moment when Olivia lost her balance and took me down with her…and then Sophie fell over us. IMG_6379

IMG_6376 We ended up in a crumpled heap on the floor and my blackened bruised knee was the result. We also got to see the Capitol lit up which was beautiful. Luckily we still have new York so I get a bit more Sophie time.

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