The end of our Music adventure…

The end of our Music adventure...

Our last day in Nashville had arrived, so we knew there was only one thing left to do: go see the Grand Ole Oprey. It is a stage that most major country stars perform on, but is also a complex with a hotel and other attractions. We had had snow overnight which made everything look incredibly pretty – though there was some hidden ice in places! 1462943_10152759123999386_1744572839_n IMG_6286 IMG_6287
The complex was incredible – like a mini oasis with fountains and 10 restaurants and a huge christmas tree! IMG_6298 IMG_6301 We also saw Shrek’s house which was pretty cool! 1488070_10152759123139386_1740199272_n There was also an incredible outdoor nativity scene which looked amazing – IMG_6343 IMG_6344 IMG_6345
We had some lunch and checked out the shop of Christmas trees, IMG_6327 and then unfortunately it was time to say goodbye to our car Bradley who had served us so well and to Nashville. 558918_10152759124024386_1118058767_n
We were aware that some flights had been cancelled due to the bad weather across the country, and our flight was unfortunately delayed by 20 minutes. This however meant that at our layover in Ohio we were running for our next flight – Home Alone 2 style!

I had never run so fast in my life, and also took one of those mini airport trollies to get us through part of the terminal….BUT WE MADE IT!! On our way back to DC! In time for Adams exam at 8am the next morning (he’s crazy we know).
Nashville was one of my favourite trips, and unfortunately one of the last with my amazing Aussies! Next stop – NYC! IMG_6293 1499470_10152759123769386_1806809310_n

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