Walking in Memphis

Walking in Memphis

On Sunday we decided to head down South to Memphis – home of Elvis! It was a long car journey but was totally worth it, as we had made it to Graceland!! Elvis’ house was amazing and crazily decorated, and I saw his 15 foot white couch too. One of his staircases was covered in mirrors as well which was pretty cool. 960250_668124656573099_2145774215_n 1476095_668124566573108_575262847_n 999914_668124736573091_59678535_n
We also saw his grave which was in such a beautiful garden. 1459656_668125076573057_1919522633_n
We then headed into Memphis to an old fashioned soda shoppe and trying on some pretty funny hats. 1457532_668125496573015_944922875_n 988397_668125359906362_1980624136_n 1464016_10152759128369386_1539645246_n (1) After checking out a cool record store we stopped in at BB Kings for a cocktail and to listen to a blues band – it was awesome! 1505028_668125823239649_135998877_n That evening we went for dinner at Central BBQ, I ate so much food it was insane! Memphis was an amazing place and I loved it! 1486806_668124933239738_1134779551_n 1468625_10152759128914386_956916882_n 988399_10152759127789386_1155579148_n

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