On our way to Nashville!

On our way to Nashville!

7oclock was an early time to wake up for our flight, but I was incredible excited about our trip to Nasvhille! So was Sophie and Adam, although Sophie missed her alarm so was in a little bit of a rush – so much so that she had her jumper inside out and we didn’t notice till the security guard at the airport pointed it out! This same security guard also told me I had peanuts instead of feet as they are so small!! I wanted to go to the North Pole but we headed off to Chicago instead. IMG_5815
After a layover in Chicago we had arrived in Nashville! We headed into town down Bourbon Street IMG_5828 IMG_5834 and ended up at a cool bar listening to a duo perform songs like Sweet Home Alabama. IMG_5839 IMG_5844 We were also all able to have a drink as we are all over 21 now!! After finding Candy Kitchen and eating our caramel apples we headed out for dinner at a bbq restaurant. IMG_5867 IMG_5885 IMG_5886 1462921_10152751537839386_952175609_n It was really good and included some warm cider and fried corn on the cob! IMG_5899 IMG_5904 Our waiter even entertained us with headstands! IMG_5907 Once we had finished, we headed back into town and headed to Coyote Ugly where waitresses dance on the bar. Check out this video from the movie: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4UqlD7fEbcc
I decided that I would regret it if I didn’t try it, so I decided to try dancing on the bar – and it was a lot of fun! IMG_5912 IMG_5917
A great first day in Nashville!!

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