PROM and Rhiannon’s Visit!

PROM and Rhiannon's Visit!

Friday I knew was going to be an exciting day, as not only did I have my exchange prom in the evening, but I was seeing my friend Rhiannon from home! She was out visiting a friend in DC so we got to have lunch, and I showed her around Georgetown and of course Georgetown Cupcakes! IMG_5747 Unfortunately the weather was really grim – (first rain in two months!) but we managed with our umbrellas. IMG_5745 It was awesome seeing her and getting all the gossip from Brighton which I miss a lot. And I also managed to send back some sweets with her to my team at GRB – that is if Rhiannon hasn’t eaten them all on the plane though!
After this it was time to get ready for the Prom! The theme was Party in the USA but really it was just a chance for us all to get together and dress up! The rain still continued but it wasn’t an issue, and we headed up to our other campus to celebrate together. IMG_5805 The decorations were amazing and each corner had been designed to a different theme: The US, Carnival, Valentines and New Year’s Eve – I had a lot of fun with all the props! IMG_5752 IMG_5768 IMG_5800 It was also really great just to see everyone together for the last time, as many are leaving at the end of this semester unfortunately. IMG_5786
There were also more cupcakes IMG_5772 and amazing food – Sophie, Basma and Alex did a great job organising this, as did Hilary and Shawna, our exchange coordinators – we even had a Prom King and Queen! IMG_5793 Once everything was cleaned up and we had headed home, Adam, Sophie and I went to pack – as Saturday is Nashville baby!!!!

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