Happy 21st Sophie!

Happy 21st Sophie!

It is December 1st, which can only mean one thing…Sophie has finally turned 21!! Its been pretty annoying that we haven’t been able to go out together but now we have 3 weeks to make up for it! As everyone is busy with papers and so on, Sophie has decided to properly celebrate her birthday next week when we are in Nashville, so for today we just went for brunch – which was delicious! 1463755_10152735834144386_257408849_n Now Brunch is a big thing in DC, but somehow this was my first time! IMG_5738 Everyone found the time to come out and celebrate with Sophie which was lovely, and even Adam got into the spirit by having some of his nails painted! IMG_5729 IMG_5736
Sophie was thoroughly spoiled with lots of fun presents, IMG_5721 IMG_5743 and I hope she had a great day! IMG_5742

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3 Responses to Happy 21st Sophie!

  1. Colette (Mum) says:

    Happy Birthday Sophie! Enjoy Nashville.

  2. Lisa Henry says:

    Hannah, thankyou for helping Sophie celebrate her 21st Birthday! It was hard not spending this day with her, but made a lot easier knowing she was spending it with such lovely friends.
    Hope to meet you one day, hopefully in Australia.
    Lisa (Sophie’s mum )

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