Take me back to Santa Fe!

Take me back to Santa Fe!

So on Tuesday, Hannah and I took a road trip up to Santa Fe – one of the oldest towns in America! It was a little colder there with more snow, but was gorgeous! IMG_5242 It is also the capital of New Mexico – little fact for you all there! The style of New Mexico is different to Albuquerque with a lot more red bricked houses, and a real Spanish feel to it! IMG_5247 IMG_5257 There are some awesome quirky shops, and beautiful jewellery places such as the Native American market. We went for lunch at The Shed which is this awesome mexican restaurant, with cocktails and chips! IMG_5252 IMG_5254
We then headed up to Canyon Road which is also known as the Arts and Crafts road. IMG_5263 There were lots of little art galleries and statues everywhere. IMG_5271 IMG_5279 My favourite place on the road was the Sculpture Garden – the slightest touch of wind had all these sculptures moving – it was beautiful! IMG_5300 IMG_5286 IMG_5298 We also had a bit of fun with some of the statues as you can see – IMG_5305IMG_5307 IMG_5313 As it was an hour away we had to head home not long after that, but we were lucky enough to drive home and get to watch the sun set – it was incredible! You wouldn’t find anything like that in DC! IMG_5319 IMG_5332 IMG_5345

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