From DC to Albuquerque

From DC to Albuquerque

This is a picture of the sky as we left DC on Saturday evening at 5pm. The sun is setting a lot earlier here at the minute but it was a beautiful flight. After spending Saturday morning packing and cleaning up the apartment, Hannah and I were on our way to New Mexico! After a 4 hour flight (yes Grandma the same distance to Tenerife), we had arrived – albeit starving as New Mexico is 2 hours behind DC! We headed to Frontier which is a famous place for Breakfast Burritos and they were awesome! I also met some of Hannah’s friends from school in the evening which was great. Not forgetting that on Saturday night it snowed! Like crazy amounts! So this is what I got to wake up to Sunday morning: IMG_5085
On Sunday we had a lazy morning in our PJs finishing off papers so we could fully enjoy the break, and then in the afternoon I met Hannah’s sisters and nieces who were lovely! We also had BBQ for dinner which was amazing, but I was in a food coma after it!
And today was our first day of fun! We went out for lunch with Hannah’s dad in town and I tried Sushi for the first time and loved it! IMG_5094 We then headed off to the Zoo and saw some cool animals! There was a cool peacock, a polar bear and tigers! IMG_5096 IMG_5101 IMG_5115 IMG_5122 IMG_5158 IMG_5165 But the best part was seeing a 6 week old Elephant named Jasmine who was adorable! I’d never seen an elephant so small. IMG_5179 IMG_5184 IMG_5193
After this we headed out for ice cream IMG_5224 and some shopping – Hannah is a terrible person to go shopping with and we bought loads (don’t worry Mum I had vouchers!) Tonight we’re heading out to see The Hunger Games – very excited! IMG_5218 IMG_5219

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