Stuck in Tornado Weather!!

Stuck in Tornado Weather!!

The weather in Chicago had gotten a lot worse when we got up on Sunday. Tornado’s and strong winds were rolling it, although it didn’t feel that cold as we walked up to Shedd Aquarium which is the largest indoor aquarium in the world! I was completely in my element seeing amazing fishes including Nemo and Jellyfish! IMG_4950 IMG_5012 I was also lucky enough to pet a Lake Sturgeon who was very slimy! IMG_4964 IMG_4976 1461274_10152709062829386_1499759168_n We also saw dolphins, octopus’, sharks and Penguins!! 1466212_10152709063424386_1602315228_n 1472870_10152709063254386_1361647428_n IMG_4988
Of course there was a visit to the gift shop and I fell in love with a lot of cuddly toys – you will be proud to know though that I did not buy any! IMG_5021 IMG_5020 IMG_5023 IMG_5025
Sophie and I then headed up to the Navy Pier and had lunch and Strawberry lemonade to escape the rain, hailstones and wind! IMG_5036 IMG_5040 We wrapped up well after this because it was so cold! IMG_5054
As we were out we found out our flight was delayed back to DC which was annoying, unfortunately the others on our trip had their flight cancelled (I had managed to stupidly book us onto a different flight to them). So the airport was a little insane once we got there, and I saw a lot of the airport as our Gate changed 3 times! However at midnight we were on the flight home and I was back in my bed by 3:30am. I still hate flying but the trip to Chicago was totally worth it, and I had a great weekend with amazing people! 1422375_10151992652851815_1721375838_n

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3 Responses to Stuck in Tornado Weather!!

  1. Mark Dray says:

    Hannah, ‘Gotten’ is not used in British English, only in the North American adulterated version based on Middle English!

    Love, Dad xx

  2. Mark Dray says:

    What an amazing trip girls. We are all very envious! Love Mum xx

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