Being tourists and taking a bus!

Being tourists and taking a bus!

The weather took a little turn on Saturday, and suddenly Chicago became very foggy! This seemed a perfect day to take a bus tour and explore the city properly! 1466138_10152709072064386_1292679633_n IMG_4720 We stopped off at Magnolia Bakery which is famous in New York, and I had the most incredible banana pudding! It was so yummy! IMG_4736 IMG_4741 On our way out of the mall we entered a competition to win tickets to see Wicked as well – but we will come back to this later. IMG_4742 It was back onto the bus – Sophie wanted to sit on top which was a little cold!! IMG_4752
We decided to have lunch at the coolest place in Chicago – the Rainforest Cafe! Where the food is awesome and there are thunderstorms every 22 minutes! IMG_4838 IMG_4865 We were thoroughly fed after this, so headed to Macy’s to see the Christmas tree and relax a little. IMG_4876
At 6pm we headed back to the Mall to hear about the competition we had entered, and I am happy to tell you I WON!! TWO TICKETS TO SEE WICKED THAT NIGHT IN THE FRONT ROW!!! IMG_4892 IMG_4895
I was over the moon, nothing like this ever happens to me! As Sophie and I had been singing along to Wicked the day before, I felt like she was the perfect choice to come with me. So at 8pm I was sitting in the front row, about to see the most amazing show of all time. 1457608_10152699323939386_1491617975_n And it did not disappoint…I may have gotten a little emotional when Defying Gravity came on.
Watch this video to hear it:
I thought the first day in Chicago had been great, but this managed to top it!

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One Response to Being tourists and taking a bus!

  1. Mark Dray says:

    Hannah, you do realise that we have a Rainforest Cafe in Leicester Square that we took you to when you were about 6 (and you bought a cuddly toy!).

    Love Mum & Dad xx

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