Welcome to Chicago!

Welcome to Chicago!

The weekend just gone was the start of another trip around the US! This time it was to Chicago!! The windy city! And man was it windy when we arrived…and cold. We had to fly out quite late, and were wrapped up so by the time we arrived at 1am we were pretty tired. IMG_4477 After settling into our awesome holiday loft we got ourselves ready to enjoy Chicago. IMG_4507 We got incredibly excited straight away from seeing a Disney store – apparently these aren’t big in Australia! IMG_4528 After this we headed to the Bean! Its a major landmark and we had a lot of fun taking pictures there! IMG_4562 IMG_4554 And then it was on to see the lake – Chicago is surrounded on three sides from water and it was beautiful! IMG_4633 IMG_4634
We had then got a tip from one of our air hostesses about a British cafe in Chicago, so made time to visit this – we had a proper bacon sandwich and there was so much good chocolate! I’ve really missed Curly Wurlys! IMG_4655 IMG_4673 IMG_4678
As we were all pretty tired from our travelling and had another two days in Chicago we had a little relaxing time and Sophie and I went to see The Book Thief – this is my new review for you all – READ THIS BOOK, SEE THE FILM! I bawled my eyes out, it was incredible. IMG_4700
After this, we all met up for dinner in a Southern restaurant and got a pulled pork sandwich – I was thoroughly stuffed. A great first day in Chicago!! IMG_4712 IMG_4597

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