Day 1 of Sophie’s visit to DC!

Day 1 of Sophie's visit to DC!

So my friend Sophie, who has been mentioned on this blog many months ago, is studying at Louisiana State University this year which is very exciting. And found the time to come visit DC and see all the sights! She had formed a list of everything she wanted to see and we were determined to tick everything off. I was also pretty excited too as I haven’t been to many of the museums here yet. The first one we went to was The Natural History Museum – I felt like I was in Night at the Museum!! There were big dinosaurs and tigers! IMG_4222 It was so cool! IMG_4276 I also saw the Hope Diamond which is on an exhibition in the museum. Christina and I also found some time to go to the discovery room and colour in some Caterpillars – my colouring in the lines isn’t great! IMG_4259 IMG_4273 One of the funniest part of the day was a group of students wearing hug an exchange student t shirts – I got my free hug don’t worry! IMG_4245
After having some lunch we headed onto the American history museum which was really interesting. There was even certain events from movie history like Dorothy’s red slippers! IMG_4300 IMG_4310 I even stood a speech like a president would do – unfortunately I’ll never be president but Sophie says I could try for primeminister. Part of the display at the American history museum were the inaugural dresses of the first ladies which was really interesting, including Mrs Obama’s recent dress IMG_4349 IMG_4350 IMG_4365 I also touched a part of the Berlin wall which is on display there: IMG_4343 Our last part of the tourist day was the National Archives, and to my horror I couldn’t use my camera!! But I saw the declaration of independence! Which was awesome. My feet killed by the end of the day but it was totally worth it!

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