HALLOWEEN! Welcome to the Megahouse…

HALLOWEEN! Welcome to the Megahouse...

So Halloween in America is a little different than it is at home. After being told off by Niamh for dressing as a fairy because “halloween is meant to be scary”, I explained that America is more funny than scary – dressing as minions, superheroes and even Miley Cyrus is normal! DSCN3540 I had two costumes this year – Tinkerbell and Poison Ivy (DC Comics). On Thursday evening we all dressed up to the nines in our costumes with my dress including real leaves (makes it more authentic don’t you think?) and a very hot wig! IMG_4034 IMG_4057 We went out to a bar in the centre of DC, and everywhere on the streets there were costumes! It was a great evening, though a little cold! The other thing to tell you is Halloween here is 3 days! So it was a very long weekend…Friday was a Tinkerbell night with a trip out to house parties with the devil (ie Hannah) DSCN3541. And then was the big night – Saturday at the rugby house. By this point Halloween was technically over which meant decorations were very cheap! There were gravestones, pumpkins and a lot of sweets! IMG_4098 IMG_4103 IMG_4106 IMG_4109 We also switched all the lightbulbs to purple and orange to make a very spooky look! Everyone in the party was also given a little party favour – IMG_4111 Poison Ivy was out once again and it was a great evening. Needless to say on Sunday I was exhausted! But it was brilliant!! IMG_4153 IMG_4155 IMG_4161 IMG_4172

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One Response to HALLOWEEN! Welcome to the Megahouse…

  1. Grandma says:

    My Goodness, you all know how to enjoy yourselves. Good on you xx

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