Being Sophisticated at Bluemont Vineyard!

Being Sophisticated at Bluemont Vineyard!

Saturday night had been a little bit of a crazy night, so on Sunday Hannah, Trevor, Adam and I decided to be a little classy and sophisticated and head into Virginia to visit a vineyard. I was feeling a little worse for wear so wasn’t sure how I would be feeling about wine! We each paid $7 to try 7 different wines – I am definitely a white wine girl! IMG_3767 IMG_3782 After this we headed out onto the balcony with meat and cheese IMG_3759 (no we were not impressed that it cost $16) and enjoyed the view. It was incredible! There was great music, IMG_3772 and amazing scenes IMG_3794 IMG_3797, and it turned out to be the perfect Sunday afternoon. Although it took an hour to drive to, it was totally worth it.
We also got some really great photos together which was great for me as I do love photos! IMG_3813 IMG_3825 IMG_3833 IMG_3837 IMG_3839 The afternoon ended with dorittos, burgers and Hannah falling asleep IMG_3844 IMG_3842 (I did too but luckily I had a hold of the camera so there is no evidence of this!).

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2 Responses to Being Sophisticated at Bluemont Vineyard!

  1. bfam27 says:

    So which white do you recommend ?

  2. Mark Dray says:

    I like White too, so we can indulge your new palate at Christmas!

    Love Dad xx

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