So in the middle of October, we are experiencing a lot of rain! Not just a little drizzle, but downpours where the heavens have opened and I am drenched even with an Umbrella. dc_rain2_606 I am in dire need of wellies (something my American friends had to google to understand – they’re just called boring rain boots over here). So I haven’t been the happiest bunny at the minute. But this amazing parcel arrived today from the best parents in the world! Percy Pigs, Angel Delight and proper gravy!! These seem like such little things, but when you can’t get them, they seem like the biggest things. I introduced my American friends to Angel Delight last night, and they agreed it is better than their pudding! I’m going to attempt to ration them out, but as any of you would know – with sweets that never happens!

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One Response to BEST THING EVER!!

  1. bfam27 says:

    You just need a little rain to remind you of home but percy pigs !!!!!! XX

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