The journey ends…

The journey ends...

Our last day of the trip was never going to be as much fun, we were aware that our 10 hour journey in the car was probably going to kill us, but thought we would try and fit one more fun thing in – so we stopped at Yale University. IMG_3521 IMG_3523 IMG_3527Now Sophie and I were in our elements as we were avid Gilmore Girls watchers so standing where Rory Gilmore went to school was nearly too much! We felt it only right to pick up some memorabilia from Yale too (which I think I like more than Harvard!) IMG_3548 It was a nice hour break but then it was back to the car, with lots of music and Sophie and I getting very bored in the back of the car.IMG_3553 IMG_3562
So what have I learnt from this trip?
1) Danny snores…really loudly!
2) If you do not give Adam coffee within 30 minutes of him getting up, he will kill you.
3) Danny cannot tell his left from right, and pronounces skeleton – skellington.
4) Sophie likes to spoon in bed
5) I like to starfish in bed – not good for Sophie, and I still sleep talk.
6) Sophie likes to flick through songs, drove me up the wall!
7) These 3 guys were the perfect people for this trip, and I still love them to bits and didn’t want to kill them! It was an amazing first roadtrip.


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