Apologies again for not updating more, but I am in the middle of my lovely Mid terms – something I do not like about American universities! But I needed to tell you about my amazing time in Boston. After a very long journey through New York, and Connecticut (where Rory Gilmore is from!!), at 10pm, we made it to our hotel. Unfortunately we got stuck outside for a while as the guys were unable to get the door open – we found out after that they were just turning the handle the wrong way…IMG_3271
We decided to have a quietish night IMG_3274 ready to get up the next day for our day of being tourists!! We started the day going into a town called Cambridge and visiting Harvard University! IMG_3301 IMG_3315 And it was beautiful. There was no way of pretending to be students though, as we were too busy taking lots of pictures everywhere! What I loved about Boston so much is that Autumn had already arrived here, and the leaves were changing. (Here is a photo for you Graeme of the Boston leaves) IMG_3320 After thoroughly exhausting our cameras of all the pretty buildings we explored Cambridge, having a coffee IMG_3324 and enjoying the beautiful town – It is very similar to our own Cambridge at home. We then decided to get ourselves kitted out in Harvard gear to commemorate the trip – Danny is a bad shopper and bought a lot!! IMG_3344 IMG_3347 After this, we found a little bit of home with Wagamamas for lunch – I thought this was success because it meant I had some vegetables over the weekend, and not just burgers! And then it was time for the heart of Boston…and man was it great! We were in the home of the Red Sox and the Celtics (baseball and basketball teams) IMG_3362 and of Cheers!! I sat in Frasiers spot!!! IMG_3422 We also checked out the park in the centre of the city, and enjoyed being in a bit of green – DC doesn’t really have that which is a shame. IMG_3386 IMG_3409 We also walked down to the harbour and saw the spot where the Boston Tea Party was (in 1773 after officials in Boston refused to return three shiploads of taxed tea to Britain, a group of colonists boarded the ships and destroyed the tea by throwing it into Boston Harbor) IMG_3444 IMG_3454 – waste of tea in my opinion! We also stopped for a drink in an Irish bar – I felt this was necessary as we were in Boston, but unfortunately for 20 year old Sophie, she was having to sneak drinks when she could. IMG_3494
And then it was onto dinner, something Sophie had been looking forward to for the whole weekend. This is because we were going to a bar called Dick’s Last Resort – famously known for mean waiters who make you wear hats during dinner with mean slurs on them (all in jest of course). I got off lightly with my hat stating “the reason men drink”, as Sophie’s stated “I kick puppies”. IMG_3498 IMG_3505 We had a lot of fun here, and the food was amazing. After dinner, it was time to go back to the hotel, to prepare for the 10 hour journey home the next day. I fell in love with Boston…I didn’t want to leave 😦 IMG_3478

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