Our Journey Begins…

Our Journey Begins...

Welcome to the first of quite a few blog posts regarding my amazing road trip weekend! Since Friday I have passed through at least 4 states, and stopped/seen some amazing places. Starting in DC on Friday, going through Philadelphia and then onto Boston (including a traffic jam on Washington Bridge) we have seen it all! And to make sure you feel like you were there with me, I am going to give you all the details!
Our journey began at 5pm on Friday afternoon after Adam finally got out of classes and Sophie and I had packed. Luckily we decided we didn’t need much as as you can see from the picture, there wasn’t much room for us after we had thrown the pillows in! IMG_3011 IMG_3014 We were driving in style for this weekend, in Dannys BMW Convertible (so cool I know!) IMG_3031, and thought we were off to a great start having the sat nav in place (ie Adam). This was not to be the case, as it took us 45 minutes alone to get out of DC, with a lesson learnt quickly that Danny our driver, is not very good at his left and rights! After the slightly stressful start, we were on our way! And being students, after an hour were hungry. We stopped off in Bel Air (no we did not see the fresh prince and no this did not look like the nice houses we had seen on TV). We went for mexican which seemed like a good idea at the beginning but turned out to be quite mediocre. I thought I would be smart and order two cocktails for Sophie and I (as Sophie is not 21 yet), but unfortunately was checked for ID which left me with two drinks! IMG_3036 Don’t worry I managed! After getting some tacky tourist shots with funny chairs, we were on our way again. IMG_3042 Two hours later we had reached Philedelphia, and man was it different to DC. To start with, there were tall buildings!! Living in a city that can’t build over 400 feet can feel very strange at times, so we loved this! Our hotel room for the night also looked pretty swanky, and yep we checked out the beds really well. IMG_3058 IMG_3064 We decided to go out for a drink and found a cute bar called The Dandelion. IMG_3070 IMG_3075 And on the way home, I even found a little bit of home! It was an earlier night for us, as we prepared for our next day in Philly!! IMG_3078 IMG_3087

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