It’s always sunny in Philadelphia!

It's always sunny in Philadelphia!

So this was the view we woke up to this morning from our hotel! We were on the 25th floor, highest place in the hotel! I was pretty impressed, apart from the fact that there was no chance of stealing any toiletries! IMG_3097 Our first move was to find breakfast! Now after watching multiple American TV shows, all I knew was that they had great breakfasts. However this did not seem to be the case in Philly! Cafes do not exist in America! And I miss them!! We finally had to settle on McDonalds before Danny passed out, and it wasn’t great. I miss our McDonalds!! After this we started being tourists and went down to Independence Hall. IMG_3106 IMG_3121 Little history lesson: The United States Declaration of Independence was approved there on July 4, 1776, and the Declaration was read aloud to the public in the area now known as Independence Square! It was amazing to be able to stand there and also see the liberty bell IMG_3125 (check out National Treasure). The best thing about standing in the square though was how different it looked to DC. IMG_3130 IMG_3131 IMG_3142 The leaves have changed too! After this we decided to find some coffee and we did!!! A proper coffee shop!!! It was amazing! IMG_3152 By the time we had checked the time though, we knew we were going to be late for check out. Sophie and I powered on, unaware of the fact we had lost Danny and Adam! We managed to get all the bags out of the hotel room alone, but were not happy to find out that the reason we lost them was because they got caught up in a topless march! IMG_3162 After this, it was time for the best moment in the trip – going to the Rocky steps! After having watched all the films with Dad, I finally stood in front of the statue, IMG_3176 and Sophie and I ran up the steps – this was pretty hard when it was so hot! IMG_3184 IMG_3190 IMG_3193 On our walk back to the car, we also saw an amazing festival going on, so many bright colours! IMG_3209 IMG_3169
And then it was time to leave Philly, with the top down – on the way to Boston! IMG_3213 IMG_3223

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