The Butler…

For the first time since we have been here, last night we went to the cinema. And I saw an incredible film. Now I am not sure if it is being released in the UK but if you can, see it!
The Butler tells the story of Cecil Gaines who served as a butler in the White House, from Eisenhower up to Reagan. He saw so much but could say nothing.
11 of us went to the cinema last night, 9 cried and 4 bawled their eyes out. I don’t know if it was because we were tired, or because we were watching scenes from the history of DC at times, but it was incredible. America’s history is profound to say the least. Since World War Two they have been a major superpower in the world but their history is dogged with tragedy – tragedy that I think many would like to wipe away.
At the end of the film in the voiceover, it was mentioned that America fought against the horrors of concentration camps and Germanys Nazis, but allowed their own horrors to continue for 200 years. Really made me think about it. This film was an absolute winner, please see it!

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One Response to The Butler…

  1. Colette (Mum) says:

    Certainly will see it, if it makes it here. Well reviewed! Mum xx

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