Take me out to the Ball Game!!

Take me out to the Ball Game!!

I wish I could just attach 100 pictures to this post because Wednesday night at the Nationals v Braves baseball game was amazing! I advise you to check out all the facebook pictures, but hopefully this will give you a fair idea of “America’s pastime.” 1235416_619625054756393_2021024029_n
I was dressed in my converse and cool t shirt and jeans, feeling ready for a baseball game, and on our way to the park we picked up our cool hats as sported by Danny and I in this picture. 1237821_619151448137087_1290728353_nThe one thing we were told was to have a hot dog and a beer – these were musts! Well I had the hot dog…$5 and it was tiny! And I still dislike beer. But I did it. 1238756_4894825183117_1249600787_n
We were completely kitted out with our foam fingers and fun things like that, 1234173_619626798089552_291762821_n (Sophie, Liana, Me, Adam) but one of the most interesting things I saw was when the whole place stopped for the national anthem. There was so much patriotism there, it made me want to be American. People stopped in their tracks and held their hand to their heart – the UK could definitely learn a lot from this. Everyone in their seats also stood up later for all the brave serviceman and women serving their country abroad – I thought this was incredible, and again something I wish we did more at home.
Now on to the actual game – Baseball is a little bit like rounders, but it is sllooooowwww! And 9 innings is a long time, which meant we kept going out and eating more food – and ice cream! 154449_10152561366184386_508463805_n
Overall the night was brilliant, there were no fights, everyone was happy to be there and I got to spend the evening with my amazing friends – what more could you ask for?

1231121_619628521422713_1015250359_n (Danny, Olivia, Liana, Sophie, Me, Christina, Chloe, Sarah)

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One Response to Take me out to the Ball Game!!

  1. Mark Dray says:

    What was the score? I’m a Braves fan!

    Love Dad xx

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