Welcome to my little bit of beach…

Welcome to my little bit of beach...

Little fact for you about DC, none of the buildings can be higher than 400 feet. This is to make sure that the highest point in DC is always the Washington Memorial – I think this is pretty cool as you don’t get insane skyscrapers etc like you do in London and New York. But DC is still a city, with a lot of buildings. And sometimes it can feel a little claustrophobic. So I decided to find somewhere that felt a little bit like Sussex, and had a little bit of green. This turned out to be right beside the river. Not close to all the shops in Georgetown IMG_2755 but a little further out. Where the ducks live. IMG_2697 And i found some beach!!! Granted it is isn’t the same as Brighton’s pebbles, but it’ll do!
The weather has been a little funny the past few days, last Wednesday it hit 35c, and we were dying! However this week has been a good 24c so finally us annoying Brits are managing. IMG_2731 I’ve been a little bit ill – I think most of us are suffering from Freshers flu, just 4 weeks into term instead. It is odd though to see so many of my friends at Sussex going back to Uni this week when I’m already in week 4!
Tonight I am going to my first baseball game and I am very excited! Hopefully i’ll be able to get a foam finger too – as I feel this epitomises baseball from all my tv shows. washington-nationals

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One Response to Welcome to my little bit of beach…

  1. Hannah. Thinking of you. Get well soon. Sending our love for a speedy recovery xxx

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