Surviving Classes!

Surviving Classes!

Many apologies to everyone for a lack of a blog post in the past few weeks – things have been insanely busy!
I started class on August 26th (annoyingly when most of you were enjoying a bank holiday!) And since then I haven’t stopped! I take 5 classes and the hours I spend at Uni are double what I would do at home. And the work we do – so different! I had a map quiz last week on the middle east, believe me when I say I am awful at Geography! This is why I took History!!!
However I am just about coping and getting into a routine, even though my Tuesdays and Thursdays are hellish. I have also joined the Swim team and am part of a few other societies which work in the community which is cool.
My room is also starting to look more homely mainly due to the fairy lights India and I have hung everywhere – didn’t have pots and pans for a while, but we had our priorities in order!
It still doesn’t feel very real that we are in DC, maybe because we all talk the same language I dunno. I know at some point it is really going to kick in though – possibly when the weather stops being so strange!
I promise to do much better and keep you updated on my goings on!

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2 Responses to Surviving Classes!

  1. Grandma says:

    Hi Pet. really enjoyed your blog. after missing it for awhile. You are certainly enjoying yourself,thats for sure. just be very careful with the drinking. it can make you do silly things. Luv You Grandma XXX

  2. Beth says:

    Haha grandmas post here made me giggle!! Glad your having fun 🙂 xxxx

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