Sarah’s 21st!

Sarah's 21st!

What I have learnt from my time in DC is that I am glad my parents had me in 1991 – because being 20 in the USA sucks! For a lot of us, we have come from countries where the drinking age is 18, and to suddenly not be able to drink or even go into bars SUCKS! I am however lucky but it does feel bad leaving people behind. This is not the case now for Sarah as she is 21!! We had a little party in her apartment to celebrate before heading out to a bar in DC which is 18+. And after a long week of classes, everyone was ready to get out and enjoy themselves.
India and I finally managed to get a picture together, DSCN3385 and I also got one with the birthday girl too which is awesome as we now have pictures together from both our 21sts! DSCN3415
A lot of wine was drunk, which is what I blame for my decision to have my photo taken with some odd mannequins outside the club DSCN3422– overall we had a brilliant night, and I hope Sarah never forgets it!

DSCN3432 (From left: Vanessa, Danny, Sophie, Sarah, Adam, Me, Seigfreid)

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One Response to Sarah’s 21st!

  1. Colette (Mum) says:

    Looks like fun was had by all! – Happy Birthday Sarah!
    Mum xx

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