Rosslyn Jazz Festival

Rosslyn Jazz Festival

On Saturday Sophie, Adam and I decided to go down to Rosslyn (which only one stop away on the metro is in a different state) and check out the Jazz festival. It was so hot that day, but we managed to find a good spot to watch a few acts perform. IMG_2613 It was so cool, especially with everyone getting up and dancing around. We decided on the way back to just walk home, IMG_2624 which meant crossing the river – such a good idea when the sun was shining! The Potomac looked incredible and the walk was really nice. Adam even tried to scare us by hanging off the edge of the river – I was hoping he would fall in, to teach him a lesson but he didn’t! IMG_2647
I have found as well that maybe it is the heat, or perhaps the long days, but most of our nights end up like this: 1175335_10152194439758032_461758685_n

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