First and Last Day of Freedom…

First and Last Day of Freedom...

Sunday was the first day since we had arrived in DC where we had the day completely to ourselves. After the night of the frat party, everyone was feeling a little worse for wear ie no one got up till after midday! We decided not to waste the day though and went for brunch at Ihop. Sarah and I were very excited after our last trip but for others it was their first time! 12 of us at a table, feeling a little hungover but eating some great food! 1187300_606605959391636_1665440333_n (Vanessa, Adam and Sophie in this picture) 1239663_606606126058286_399057919_n
After this we had the horrible task of going to Walmart…now we knew it wouldn’t be fun on a sunday trying to grocery shop but this was hell! At one point I considered abandoning my trolley and running away! For all the hassle, including a very racist taxi driver, we managed to make it home and now I have food!!
Yesterday evening we all went down to an open air cinema to see the Great Gatsby. I love this film but it was even better sitting out with pillows and blankets watching it! 527058_606606549391577_84021838_n 1236658_606606516058247_1803741820_n
Right now I am sitting at my desk and preparing myself, because it is my first day of classes and I am very nervous!! I’ll keep you updated on how it all goes 🙂

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