From Frederick to DC

From Frederick to DC

Apologies for the lack of blog posts the last few days, i’ve been attempting to unpack and move into my new apartment which I have done!!
Over the weekend we visited quite a few shops – the Americans definitely know how to shop! And of course I was eating the huge portions of American food, we had mexican and ihop with Tania and they are big! DSCN3099 But we also managed to fit in a Yoga class which was a lot of fun – particularly as Sarah managed to faceplant while doing one move!
We also visited a Leesburg outlet store which was just too tempting, I managed to restrain myself with just a jumper but I could have bought a lot more!! After this we headed to the hotel to prepare for our move in day! The hotel was awesome and at least 3 people could have fit in the bed and the shower they were so big!!
We also met up with Jessie who had flown in that day and just went out for burgers and had a relaxing night watching the Hannah Montana Movie (Sarah’s choice!). DSCN3105
The next morning (Monday) we were definitely feeling nervous, wondering what our housemates were like and where we were living etc. However this proved to be silly because everything was absolutely fine – even my picture on my GW Card. My housemate India also seems really cool!
Monday and Tuesday were quite boring days in the scheme of this orientation week, with many talks on classes and how not to get deported – don’t worry I paid attention to this!
Today though was much better even though it started with a library tour! We went up to a cafe where the cool secret agents hang out, and I also got some amazing ice cream from cone-y island (I liked the pun!) This is Olivia and Liana – Olivia is from Paris and Liana is from Australia! DSCN3132 We also had a scavenger hunt this evening to find different places in DC and take a photo with each one. The prizes went to the most places and the best photos and I am proud to say our team won!! Our photos included a re make of Abbey road and someone surfing the hippo – very cool! We also went to a diner tonight which was finally very american!! IMG_2167 IMG_2169 This is Liana having her first ever american burger in the US! I have had about four already…. And the next bit sounds odd but I finished my orientation day with dance class – this is because on Saturday I will be taking part in a flash mob in front of Capitol Building to Cotton Eye Joe – routine an’ all! IMG_2178
I am about to head out now to go see all the amazing monuments in the dark when they are all lit up – even though it is thunder and lightning, guess they will make for better pictures!!

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2 Responses to From Frederick to DC

  1. Mark Dray says:

    Sounds awesome! Can’t wait to see the pictures that won the competition and the ones of the monuments! You should include comments under your pictures so we know who everyone is.


    Dad xx

  2. David says:

    Let me know once you’ve done your flash mob so I can youtbe it. Looks like your having a great time, the burgers look amazing!! x

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