Our first official day!

Our first official day!

Today was our first day in the US – the state of Maryland to be exact. I was feeling pretty good though I did wake up at 4am trying to work out where I was! Sarah and I decided to walk down and find a starbucks, easier said than done as we ended up walking on the wrong side of the road as we couldn’t work out how to use the crossing! IMG_2073 My first 3 dollars was spent on a Cherry limeade – which tasted like sweets! IMG_2085 Then Tania picked us up and took us into Frederick. Now Frederick is the epitome of a quaint US town. It’s history is filled with Civil War memories and even some of the houses still celebrate it! IMG_2143 What was also pretty interesting was the amount of signs for different Mayoral candidates! As we hadn’t eaten anything by this point, we thought we would try out a place renowned in Frederick, Brewers Alley. IMG_2088 And I had the best burger which included these odd fried onions that looked like thin chips. Needless to say I was full – though we did find room for some chocolates! IMG_2093 We followed the river down to a park and relaxed/sunbathed for me! What I learnt from Frederick though was that the green man on the crossing is white over here – and it isn’t appropriate to shout “white man” when crossing… doesn’t have the same ring as “green man!”. IMG_2116 IMG_2095 After enjoying Frederick we met Tania and went out for dinner at an American Diner – sorry to disappoint but there were no rollerskating waitresses! We even managed to sort Sarah out with a drink even though she isn’t 21! IMG_2144 IMG_2147 And the portions were huge!! I ended up bringing home a box which I am proceeding to eat now! IMG_2151 Luckily I am off to Yoga this morning to work it all off!

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2 Responses to Our first official day!

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  2. Becca Dray says:

    Hi Sis,
    Brits Abroad – scary!
    Great photos. Do you feel like you are on holiday? Enjoy, before the real work starts.
    Love you loads – speak soon, Becca xxxx

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