Flying like Queens on Premium Economy!

Flying like Queens on Premium Economy!

So this is my first official post from America!! I am currently in Frederick in Maryland just outside of DC staying with one of my dad’s friends Tania. But I thought I would tell you all about my amazing flight over – Virgin is amazing! Yes I did get my photo taken with an airhostess because they are so cool! IMG_2038 And after grabbing a bacon sandwich in the department lounge, we said our goodbyes (with a few tears) and made our way through security. We got incredibly excited when we saw Russell Brand going through security – of course he didn’t have to queue like we did, and no I did not get my camera out quick enough unfortunately. Once we got through the departure lounge and I had had my bag checked by security – I was one of the lucky 15 on the flight to get my bag thoroughly checked, we made it onto the flight and were greeted with a glass of prosecco. IMG_2042 Once I’d settled into my seat checked out my cool screen and games console, IMG_2041 and nabbed my blanket, I was ready to go! I managed to watch 3 films during our 8 hour flight, so I felt i’d got my monies worth – Sarah got her monies worth with the free alcohol: Brandy, Red Wine and a Gin and Tonic! We were then handed menus to decide on our food. Lunch arrived and I tried halibat, though it is not my favourite thing. The rest however including cheesecake was awesome! IMG_2056 We were given afternoon tea later on though mine had a sticker for Asian Vegetarian – not sure this was mine! And then after the lovely flight, we had the horrors of immigration to get through which included an hour and a half queue and a child throwing up! However my immigration guy was fine and seemed particularly interested in the fact I was born in Scotland. After collecting the suitcases (which was a lot harder than earlier as dad had carried them then!) IMG_2064 we made it out to find Tania! A traffic jam and shop in an incredible supermarket later, we had had our Chinese and were settling into bed – granted this was 2am UK time, so I think we’ll be feeling the jet lag later!! US of A here we are!


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One Response to Flying like Queens on Premium Economy!

  1. Mark Dray says:

    Hi Hannah – one post down, which was great – looking forward to many more! Love Mum xx

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