Weekend in Newcastle with family!

Weekend in Newcastle with family!

This weekend was the last time I was going to see most of my family for 4 months. We were also there to celebrate my Grandad’s 79th birthday although unfortunately he was celebrating it in hospital. His spirits didn’t seem to be dampened by this though, as seen from his badge! Get well soon Grandad, hope you’re back to your old self for Sunderland’s first home game! IMG_1794 I also got to spend time with my cousins IMG_1845 IMG_1953 which was really nice, and even managed a night out with Beth my cousin and Becca which was awesome! IMG_1884 I’m going to miss them all so much, but it is only 4 months and I’ll be back to see them at Christmas!

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2 Responses to Weekend in Newcastle with family!

  1. bfam says:

    We will miss you to .Looking forward to Christmas already

  2. Grandma /Grandad says:

    Love photo of you and grandad going to frame it also photo of 3 gorgeous grandaughters before your night out.

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